Posted by: David Vernon | August 10, 2009

A Monday Roll

Farmer's Market

A few things for your Monday…

¶ I swear that everytime Bruce Percy says something, I find it interesting. In an article entitled Verbatim on his “Art of Adventure Photography” blog, he pulled out another electric quote that just makes me feel good about Monday and what you have to do on them. To whit:

“I see many sites which state that the photographer likes to capture ‘truth’ and then goes on to say that no manipulation was done to the image…. blah, blah, blah. It’s all a bit misleading if you ask me. Nothing, absolutely nothing in photography is ‘real’ except how we feel about an image.”

That sums up my thoughts precisely but then he pulls out another gem, quoting another photographer, Michael Kenna, who’s scary good. Kenna sums it up one sentence:

“If you can’t make the image bigger or more important than what you see, then don’t push the button.”

That’s eat-it-up yummy and really makes you think about the stuff you shoot. It is, in a nutshell, a wonderful encapsulation of my philosophy – summed up in one sentence. I can work with that.

¶ There’s a tentative schedule for fall Peoria Art Guild Photography classes, which will start around October 12. Ann Conver will be teaching an “Intro” class. This is not the standard intro class that we teach together but it definitely is good for true newbies. If you’re reading this post you probably don’t need this class. If someone pointed this post OUT to you, then you might be a candidate. I’ll be teaching the Flash Lighting class – on Wednesdays for six weeks. I’ll also be teaching an “Expedition” class – six sessions on landscape photography that includes three in-class workshops and three field-trips. More on that in a few weeks when it’s set in stone. Ann and I will also be teaching a new class – what we call “Low Light/No Light” Photography. Six classes with trips at or before sunrise, at or after sunset, and in the still of the night when we can make star trails and eerie landscapes. And Jeff McSweeney will be doing Photoshop classes. More details as they become available.

¶ And you’ll hear more about this as the week moves on but this Saturday and Sunday is the Washington (IL) Fine Art Fair. Head over to the square and check out the artists – including me. In only its second year, the Washington Fair got some rave reviews last year for quality of art and for being a well run show. Hope to see you out there.

¶ And again we’ll have more in a day or two on this, but the Peoria Flickr group’s August photowalk through Springdale Cemetery is set in stone: August 22, 2009 at 9am. This is not just a photowalk, but also a photo scavenger hunt. We’ll have a PDF download up here in the next few days – and we promise to challenge you.

¶ The folks at ci|creative are hosting a workshop on August 17 entitled “Entering the Stock Photography Biz” (Link is on Facebook – this is a facebook organization). The workshop will be taught by Gene Seaman, who has worked for stock agency Jupiter Images.  The class is “an introduction to the world of stock photography that includes examples of stock photography, introductions to stock photo websites, and how-tos on getting your images online – the perfect class for anyone interested in learning about stock photography as a possible means to sell their images.” The class will roll from 7pm—8pm and costs just $15. You can contact Amy Lambert (cicreative at for more info – or just check ’em out if you are on Facebook.

¶ And don’t let anyone tell you that Farmer’s Markets are not good places to find images – and vegetables. The colors are kinda wow at the Farmer’s Market on State Street in Madison, WI – in the photo above. But you know what. Check out many of the local markets here in Central Illinois – like at the Metro Center or on the Peoria Riverfront.

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