Posted by: David Vernon | July 22, 2009

Someday: The Dave Clamp

Bowman Lake

Hang out in the kitchen long enough, you’re liable to learn something new. And I think of Joe McNally’s blog as one of the best kitchens there is. Joe’s latest massive missive is a collection of stories – doing some grand catching up. But then in the middle – it’s there. The invention of one of the most useful photographic items of all time – the birth of the Justin Clamp. The Justin is named after Justin Stailey – who was working for Bogen at the time. A few spare parts and one of the great flash adapters of all time makes its debut. If you are ever serious about flash photography it’s a tool that you probably can’t live without. Someday we’ll have a post with nothing but the best $25 investments you can make in small flash gear.

Speaking of small flashes – we’re giving birth to another new effort: The Peoria Strobist Group on flickr. I’ve been toying with this idea for a few months now. How are we different from the gigantic Strobist group on flickr? Well – the biggest goal of this group is going to be meetups. Meetups where we bring a lot of flashes and we go as nuts as our imaginations will let us. A lot of David Hobby’s Strobist stuff is done one person at a time. There are however quite a few local strobist groups – doing exactly what we’re gonna try – and a lot more. Head over to the group and join up if this is your cup of tea – and then let’s get ready to rumble. This is gonna be fun.

And with my digression over – I should also mention that Joe – the king of TTL strobists – mentioned that Bob Krist is blogging – under the title of Photo Traveler (that probably exceeds the bounds of good taste for hyphens in a sentence). Bob is a great teacher and travel shooter – and he’s got a pretty stacked kitchen himself. And since one of my many dreams is to die and become a travel shooter (not necessarily in that order) – Bob is a guy to watch – and listen to.

Oh – and if you’re wondering – that is not Lake Peoria up above. That’s the wondrous Bowman Lake – out in Glacier National Park. A few miles west of, well, West Peoria – Bowman is up in the northwest corner of the park – just a few miles shy of the Canadian border. We had the wonderful joy of watching a thundershower pass about six miles east of us while we were there – making for dramatic light and clouds. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be lucky when it comes to timing.

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