Posted by: David Vernon | July 19, 2009

Kelby Photowalk Rocks Peoria

Kelby Photowalk Peoria

Well. Was that fun or what?

The 2nd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk occurred yesterday – over 900 walks and over 30,000 walkers – all across the world. The first walk, done last summer, was a quieter affair. This year everyone wanted to participate – and we certainly jumped on board here in Central Illinois with a two-hour walk through downtown in the River City.

As you can see from the group shot above, we had a great turnout. It was wonderful to be with so many people who share the same passions as you do. And while I saw a lot of folks I knew, it was very cool to see a lot of folks I didn’t know. The weather was perfect too. Peoria set a record yesterday for the – bear with me here – lowest high temperature ever for the date. In July that’s a huge relief. We had blue skies, puffy clouds, almost no REAL humidity – it was a wonderful setting. We started out from the clock tower at the foot of Main St., and worked a clockwise route through about a 16-block area that included the riverfront, the Saturday morning farmer’s market, the Peoria Civic Center, three parking decks with great views, the County Courthouse and Plaza, and back to the river. A group this large – we estimated at least 46 walkers in our local effort – and we spread out fast with a lot of people lingering. I was the walk leader so it was my job to be the one who kept pace and deliver the front of the pack home in two hours. And while we accomplished that – almost everyone walking ended up behind us – people taking their time and just enjoying the day.

About 30 of us gathered for lunch down at Kelleher’s at the south end of Water St., and we continued socializing, noshing, and enjoying the day – which was just great.

I’m utterly convinced Peoria could support two walks next year – we filled up weeks before the deadline – and two walks of 40-50 folks is not impossible . We did it all this year strictly on word-of-mouth – there was no advertising – so I think we can dream big. Doug Leunig was out shooting video of the whole affair, and I think we can expect a nice slide show/video in the coming weeks. All of the shooters also have until July 25 to submit their images to the local pool – so that I can pick the best shots of the day with the top shot advancing to the worldwide contest. There are even rumblings that we may have a small show with local arts partner ci|creative when it’s all said and done.

We do it up right here in Peoria. Boy howdy.

And if you want to see shots from the walk from the different flickr folk – search the tag “kelby-peoria-walk09” on flickr (just click on the tag – we’ve done the work for you) – there are already over 100 images out there.

Until next year then – and thanks to everyone who came out.

PCC Skies

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