Posted by: David Vernon | July 14, 2009

Summer Cliche′

I didn’t even wait one day – racing to the HOI Fair last night in north Peoria. Never miss an opportunity to examine photographic cliche′s for yourself. And just as an aside, the Photography display was nicely done. Go out and see for yourself – and vote for the People’s Choice for best Black and White and best Color.

Waiting (Summer Cliche 4)

I always liked the Tilt•A•Whirl when I was younger. Cliche′ or not – I loved the color of the light.

Big Prizes (Summer Cliche 3)
I think in this case “Big Prizes” was more literal then figurative. Win two of these things and you have to go home – you can’t carry them all night.

Spin (Summer Cliche 2)

I’m pretty sure I’ve never ridden a Ferris Wheel once in my life. No fear of ’em – just haven’t gotten that done yet. They spin apparently.

Jumbo Corn Dogs (Summer Cliche 1)

The Summer Fair – a vegetarian’s worst nightmare.

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