Posted by: David Vernon | July 13, 2009

Fair Time in Central Illinois

Peoria in April

It’s hot and sticky. It’s July in Central Illinois.

Ergo – the Heart of Illinois fair.

And how does this relate photographically?

Two – count ’em two – ways. First of all there’s no better place to haul your camera out too (Wow – I’ve already used all three forms of “to” in this paragraph). Carnival / fair pics are about as American Summer as it comes. Outstanding National Geo shooter Joel Sartore just spent time documenting State Fairs across the country in 2008. His results appeared in the July issue of the magazine – take a look at some of the excellent imagery on hand and found on the midway.

The second good reason to head over to the HOI Fair is to check out the local photography exhibit. Over 400 images were submitted to the fair’s photography contest this year in five categories: Black and White, Large Black and White, Color, Large Color and Junior. There were some outstanding prints (I was one of three judges this year along with Bill Shaner and Tim Sheets – with judging handled by the Peoria Camera Club) – and everything is on display at the Photography Building, located on “Peoria Street”, just west of “Main Street” at Peoria’s Expo Gardens. Check out the Fairgrounds map if you need a little more guidance. See all the category winners right here.

The Fair runs through Saturday, July 18th and opens weekdays at 4:30pm – and noonish on Saturday.


  1. Wish we had a fair like that around here.

  2. I know what you mean Chris – we both have to suffer through the humidity – and yet you are denied the fair.

    Hey gang – check out Chris’ blog “I Heart Film” – there’s a lot of nice work there and it’s in a medium we sometimes forget about. Film

  3. lol. We did have a strawberry festival recently. A humble event, but lots of good food. I got to have funnel cake. 😀

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