Posted by: David Vernon | July 9, 2009

Photo Walking

Fishing for an EndingIf you take a look up at the top of the page, you’ll notice wedged in between the “About”, “FAQ”, and “Submit” pages, there is a new “Photowalk” page. And what goodness is contained therein you ask? Well – I’ll do what I do best – I’ll digress.

The Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk is coming up on July 18th. Peoria is one of nearly 1,000 cities worldwide this year getting onboard – in fact we’re at full capacity with 50 registered photowalkers and a few photo groupies.  Our fine CIPB-sponsor (that’s me actually) created a two-page PDF all about the tour – where to go, what to see, what’s hidden where, etc. I made that document available to all the walkers earlier today but it’s something to be shared with everyone so I wanted to make it available as a free download from the blog.

Actually that wasn’t much of a digression, but I digress again.

I’ve actually got plans in the works for a few more Photowalk guides – for Peoria and other spots in Central Illinois. If you have ideas, or want to create your own – we’d be happy to hear about it – and feature it. And if you want to join us on the Peoria version of the Kelby walk without registering – you’re more then welcome. Here are the details:

  • When: Saturday, July 18th from 10:00am to 12 noon (Rain Delay alternate time – 3:00pm to 5:00pm)
  • Where: Start/Finish at the clock tower at the Spirit of Peoria Landing near Main and Water St. in Downtown Peoria
  • What Else: Join us for lunch at Kelleher’s at 12:30pm – rain or shine.

You can get more details by clicking on the Peoria link back up in the second paragraph. And feel free to go download the Peoria Downtown Photowalk PDF – and take the tour on your own. And we’ll let you know when we add more walks to the page.


  1. Interesting idea–nice work on the PDF.

  2. First time visitor to your blog, it is so highly informative my brain hurts!
    Want to thank you so much for the Photowalk step-by-step guide. Wow. I normally stay on the East Side of the Illinois River, but may have to venture across one of the bridges soon; hopefully on the 18th for the opportunity to meet and share with some other togs.

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