Posted by: David Vernon | June 23, 2009

Thanks to all our great guest bloggers

Bowman Bald

Well well… I have survived my trip to the wilderness and I am back. I would ask if you missed me – but you had the encouraging words of Tim, Lily, Stacy, Lynn, and Mike to soothe you while I was gone so I’m guessing you were fine. Sorry ’bout all the humidity though – man I didn’t miss that. While the main goal of my trip was to shoot in Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana for a number of days, we did manage to get around: 5,188 miles and 10 states later – we saw some wonderful sights. And frankly I’m exhausted – I need a nap. But not before I at least say hello and do a little housekeeping.

First of all – thank you again to my fine cast of guest bloggers who totally kicked butt in my absence. I really appreciate you guys. A lot of passionate photographers on a lot of topics so kudos to y’all.

Secondly, you’ll see two changes to the blog today. I’m throwing out my self-imposed rule that all photos on the blog have to be local photos. I guess as long as they’ve been taken within 20,000 miles of Peoria they will suffice – that should cover the world. I’m further changing up the photos on this photoblog by making them about four times larger then they’ve been in the past. It is, afterall, a PHOTO blog – we should make it easier to see what we’re looking at. So instead of 240 pixels on the longest side, we’re going with your basic 500 pixel-width and seeing how that flies.

The eagle above was found up in Polebridge, MT one week ago. Glacier National Park had some extensive fires in 2003 – burning nearly 150,000 acres and there are huge swathes of land that are now wide open – significantly changing the vistas for not only photographers – but also some of the “natives”. This guy was very patient with us. He was about 60 feet up a large mostly burned out tree – and he let me get the tripod set-up and go to work. I kept manually focusing one tiny bit at a time to really dial in the sharpness. My 18-200 lens did pretty well considering, although I would have loved to have a little more glass – I had to crop into this significantly – so getting the focus perfect was paramount.

Anyhoo (as they say) – I’m back in the land of humidity and will get back to work just as soon as I read the nearly 600 other photoblog entries I’m behind on. July it is!


  1. Wow I love both the picturse on this page–the header image and the one in this post. It’s the vivid colors, I think, and the black and white on the eagle are amazing. Great stuff!

  2. Glad to have you back, Dave!
    I can’t wait to see your shots from your trip.

  3. Welcome back! Thanks for having me as a guest blogger!!

  4. Great to have you back, not get some rest before you start bailing your yard!

    If it makes you feel any better, we did 8500 miles and 14 states/2 Canadian provinces in about 6 weeks. Actually had the second oil change of the trip done in Browning MT, outside of Glacier.

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