Posted by: David Vernon | June 4, 2009


Illinois State Capitol RotundaI’m heads down on prep for Junction City this weekend so I’ve been saving some links for you, right under the rotunda of the Illinois State Capitol… Here we go:

¶Workflow  is one of those individual things that everybody seems to do a little differently. Combine that with using different software applications (like Bridge/CS4 vs. Lightroom) and it varies even more. Check out these two posts from Thomas Hawk – one outlining his workflow from a year agao (pre-Lightroom) and one from now (after switching to Lightroom):

Thomas Hawk’s OLD Workflow
Thomas Hawk’s NEW Workflow

¶Strobist points us to Gavin Hoey, who shows us how simple and easy it is to shoot water droplets with a camera, one off-camera flash, and a few pennies spent on a plastic bag, a tray, and a piece of paper – you know – in case you don’t have those things sitting around your house.

¶Steve McCurry, who took one of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century and is a National Geographic stalwart, is now blogging. This is a long term win for the rest of us.

¶Everyone who’s sat in on the lighting class at the Peoria Art Guild knows just how many $25 items you can buy once you start lighting things. True to my word, here’s a nifty and useful item that costs pretty much 2 x $25. I think it’s a little overprice – but it’s slick – for flashes and whatever else you can think of.

¶Speaking of lighting and spending your $ – Rob Galbraith reports that the good folks at Paul C. Buff are now taking pre-orders for the new line of Alien Bees – the Max.

¶Want a primer on how to light a group shot with just two flashes and one umbrella? Take a look at this post from David Ziser (scroll to the bottom of the article) on Lighting the Group Shot.

¶If you’re a bit of Photoshop junkie like I am, you might enjoy these FREE online tutorials from Russell Brown and Adobe. Lots and lots of ’em. If you have a little extra cash, I also like the videos from Chris Orwig at – a ton of good photoshop material. The nice thing about is you can buy your classes annually or monthly, and if you do monthly it’s only $25. Just take a month off from life, spend your $25, and download and watch tutorials for 720 straigh hours. Nirvana.

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