Posted by: David Vernon | May 21, 2009

Another Clever DIY Photo Solution

401 Water at NightFor those of you who’ve done anything lighting with me, you know I have lots of $25 toys – but that I also have a fondness for lots of do-it-yourself hacks – especially when it comes to lighting gear. 

Well creative genius Syl Arena has come up with another clever lighting tool – and best I can tell he’s out $45 for the effort. 

Take a look and then help me figure out how to turn it into more then it is. I’m guessing there’s a simple way to turn this into a boom with a Superclamp or two…

On a totally separate topic, a couple members of the Peoria Flickr group got together downtown for lunch today. Between discussions on plots to take over the world, we ended up talking about double/multiple exposures and using them to convey movement in your shots. I immediately hit on Peoria photographer Doug Leunig’sDancing Landscapes” series. Doug does these as single exposures with a little twist – and the images are to me just captivating. Food for thought for those of you at lunch – and the rest of you who may be hungry for this clever technique.


  1. I was going to tell you that I followed the link to Doug Leunig’s site, and recall seeing some of those before. Yes, they rock!! That’s a great example of those kinds of techniques REALLY working out! My attempts generally SUCK!! haha!

  2. FYI – I agree that the images I have on my site work very well, but that disguises that fact that 99.9% of the images that I took to get those few also SUCK!

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