Posted by: David Vernon | May 18, 2009

MCAC Theobald Retrospective is Good

McLean County Arts Center Theobald RetrospectiveI stopped in at the McLean County Arts Center (601 S. East St., in Downtown Bloomington) last week to check out the show from Chicago-based artist and photographer Mel Theobald. Entitled “Essential Pairings”, the show features some 50 photographs – and is – in a word – impressive. Theobald has been working largely in panoramics – and he’s paired up images to evoke a visual commonality – of similar places at different times or of different places that share something elemental. The prints are also quite big – some stretching seven-to-eight feet long. It’s another testament to printing digital images big and really having them hold up. You want to view from a distance to take it all in, but at the same time you want to get closer to see the detail.

It’s a show worth seeing. The MCAC is open Tuesday through Saturday (hours on their site) and admission to the show is free – but you’re welcome to leave a donation. The show itself will hang until August 15. It was yummy.


  1. When I first heard about this (I believe right here on this very informative blog!! heh), I thought it sounded interesting. Thanks for the review, I think I’ll make the trek over to Bloomington to check it out!

  2. […] There is a downside to creating panoramic images this way. Since we cropped, we’ve actually thrown away pixels and made the image smaller. That’s not a big hairy deal if you’re just showing this digitally – on a screen or in a blog article. But if you want to print, you’re compromising your ability to print very large – and believe you me – panos are best seen BIG. […]

  3. David, we have not met but I thank you for the unsolicited review of my exhibit at MCAC. I’m happy you were able to see the show.

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