Posted by: David Vernon | April 23, 2009

Location, Location, Location

Woodstock - River NoreEvery once in awhile, I find an opportunity to bend the rules here on the CI Photoblog. Today’s bender? Well, take a look at the image? Central Illinois? Methinks not.

That’s because today’s entry is about – as the title says – location. And if you’ve been shooting in Central Illinois for any appreciable time, you realize that after a few thousand frames, things start to look a little familiar. Now don’t get me wrong – there’s an amazing amount of wonderful stuff to shoot within 100 miles of Peoria – we’re pretty lucky in that regard. I would even go so far as to argue that no matter where you live, there’s a bonanza of goodness in your virtual back yard. 

And yet. Somedays it’s still nice to get on the road and stretch a bit. And with this lovely iconic view of Central Ireland watching over us today – I point you to two resources that might inspire you when you hit the road – both from Outdoor Photographer magazine.

First up is there Top 100 Iconic Places. While it covers the world, it is strongly United States centric in its approach and is a wonderful list of photographic richness. For those of you getting on the road this summer – see what’s on the list – and see if you’re passing close.

The other strong feature they have is a monthly look at one location that stands out. It’s called Favorite Places.  It may be a little off the beaten path or it may not – but you get a lot of details about the place, like location, weather, the photo experience, and best times to shoot.

You’ve got Central Illinois mostly figured out. Now – when you’re ready to move on down the road for a bit – you’ve got a place to check. And if you’re near Kilkenny in Ireland, look for the Noré River near the little tiny town of Inistioge. Up above the hill, on the way to the Woodstock Arboretum, look back to your left – through a break in the trees – and wow – iconic Ireland.

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