Posted by: David Vernon | April 16, 2009

Just for Canon

Matthiessen Table Falls 2Finally.

It’s taken me awhile to find and share a little pure Canon love when it comes to flashes. Nikon has Hobby and McNally – there’s no one out there really doing the fine nuance of flash on the Canon side of the house. But thanks to the very minor magic of Twitter, David duChemin passed along this site – which looks to be chock full of ALL things Canon flash. If you’re a Nikon (or Pentax, Sony, whatever) shooter – just move on. If you’re loving Canon – then check it out.


  1. You did this just for me Dave V… Thanks man!


    Oh… and thanks David duChemin for sharing this with the Canon faithful

  2. Let me know when you find a site that has Canon flash for blondes! Most of this stuff just feels way too techy for me.

  3. Not sure if you subscribe to the feed, but just saw this posted over there….

    Pretty cool!

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