Posted by: David Vernon | April 10, 2009

Friday Wraps

Sand Ridge SkyIt’s a Friday – and better yet – it’s a day-off Friday for a lot of folk. That has nothing to do with this blog entry but you have to start somewhere.

Those of you who’ve been aware of this thing called “The Internet” for a little while know how easy it is to find an awful lot of good information on photographic lighting on the Tubes. Well the rest of the world is starting to find out too – and USA Today helped let them in on the secret this week with a nice article on the wonderful world of small strobe magic. And if you’re still not convinced – just check out McNally’s blog entry from earlier this week too – he suckers you in as usual – and then hits you over the head with da light.

David duChemin, a <s>friend</s> distant third cousin, twice removed of the blog has a book coming out. Entitled “Within the Frame”, it talks a lot about finding your vision – which is a pretty neat trick – and one of the single most important tools you can have if you’re going to advance beyond being a basic shooter. The book is getting some good early press (it comes out May 11), but the publisher – Peachpit Press (who also publishes McNally and Kelby) – has made available a sample chapter to give you a taste. And folks – it tastes good. Take a look.

Speaking of vision – I question mine pretty much every day lately. If you’re anything like me (and we’re hoping you’re not so far gone), you too have a lot of questions about your photographic place in the universe. Doug Menuez is the kind of guy who can help answer that question. In fact Doug often teaches a class geared at getting you to better define and realize your vision (scroll down a bit to the Aug. 22-24 workshop) – but now – he also blogs – and that’s the kind of guy we like. So again – take a look.

And a little thinking ahead… The Peoria Camera Club has a couple good presentations coming in May. On May 5, Ann Conver comes and enriches members on photographic critique. I’ve seen Ann do critques and she’s really, really good at it. On May 19, Lou Nettelhorst drops in. PCC VP Tom Romanowski passed on the following about Lou:

“Photoshop is a great tool but all of us want to get the best images in camera without relying too much on post capture software to improve our images.  If you agree with this statement (or even if you don’t-Ed.), then you shouldn’t miss our May 19 meeting featuring Lou Nettelhorst.  His presentation titled “Add Pizzazz: Photoshop Not Required” will give us some insights on how to avoid spending too much time in post capture processing.  Lou is a fine art photographer with 44+ years of photographic experience and over 10 years as a professional photographer.  He has been published in Nature’s Best, Outdoor Photographer and Chicago WILDERNESS.    For some great images, stop by Lou’s website“.

Thanks Tom – and have a great weekend folks.

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