Posted by: David Vernon | April 8, 2009

Five Shooters

Spring is ComingEvery once in awhile I like to drag a few photographers in front of you and say “Look – have you seen these folks? Do you know their work? It’s OUTSTANDING! Go see.” This post is dedicated to five such shooters (all men – sorry ladies I owe you a few I know – and I have a few in mind). Four of the five have something in common besides their gender – and that’s they’re all pretty good masters of the light – of bending it to their will. Come to think of it – the four of them all have one other thing in common – they’re all bloggers bent on showing you how at every turn. So without further adeiu I give you…

  1. John Keatley
  2. Drew Gardner
  3. Joe McNally
  4. Zack Arias
  5. Thomas Hawk

(Arias and Hawk links to their blogs – the other three straight to their sites. Hawk’s Flickr photostream is here – almost 24,000 items)

Pretty much anything these guys do gets my attention. As a bonus, if you slide down Zack Arias’ page just a wee bit (as of this writing) you’ll find a stunning good portrait of Joe McNally. It’s all so meta sometimes.

My point again however is look at their work. Look at their lighting. Look at their craft. And learn from it. You can do this thing – you just have to practice. Writer Malcom Gladwell has crafted the new meme – 10,000 hours. Do you want to get really good at something. Do it for 10,000 hours and you’re in the ballpark. These guys qualify.

More to come.


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