Posted by: Bill Shaner | April 3, 2009

Friday (late) Wrap Up

Taking a page from David… A handful of links/articles that I find interesting so maybe you should?!?!?

Friday morning I ran into this artilce on CNN about a google street view car being chased out of UK town:

What I will write is that this story frightens me. Basically what is going on is  a rich town in the UK ran off the Google Street View car because they are worried that someone might go online and use Google Maps to rob them. What does this mean for a photo blog? Well whose to say that if I decide to shoot someplace in Dunlap (or Morton!) that someone won’t get bent because I upload the shots to Flickr? Bad people might look at a shot and decide their house is easy pickings!!  This is plain wrong! If it’s a public road it should be able to be shot and posted. If you don’t like it then get better security! Before you discount it because it’s the UK, know that every day we face the same posibility in the US if we are not vigilant!

Vlkswagen on the Peoria Flickr group posted off topic (How dare he!! 😉 about camera bags. I had started a post a few weeks ago from a blog that I like about camera bags. I ended up deleting it,  but I thought I would now share at least as a link. Rod Mar was a photographer at the Seattle Time until he took the buyout since the paper was basically going under 😦 .  As a working pro he has a lot of experience and I’d love to try the Think Tank bag but may have to wait till I have some money myself to get one. It at least sounds interesting!

In the real (not internet) world I noted that our local Wally World has  Photographic Magazine’s “Volume 2” of their Tips and Techniques issue which leverages Jim Zuckerman’s work. If you didn’t get a chance to go to the Peoria Camera Club seminar featuring Jim’s work it’s worth the time to pick up the mag since it has a lot of intersting tips and… yep, you guessed it! Techniques!!!!

Finally… I’ve been working on my portfolio (blatent plug to click the link and look at it and rip me a new one!) with the idea that soon we will be having the Peoria Flickr Portfolio Review. Dave is making it happen but I noted that Scott Kelby has updated his online portfolio. It’s always interesting to see what a big time pro does for their portfolio to at least blatantly steal ideas!

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