Posted by: David Vernon | March 9, 2009

Is it Monday already?

John Burnside Cales Born In ScotlandLosing that hour over the weekend was devastating: Monday morning feels like a little continuation from Friday – so here’s a couple links to start your week. It’s like we never left!

While I don’t usually tell the stories of the photos on this blog (you can just click on the image to get the background) I want to pass on something that’s pretty slick about driving around the countryside here in Central Illinois. While out driving last week, near the McLean/Tazewell Cty borders, I came across little Glenwood Cemetery – where I took this image of a tree and a gravestone. The property actually sits on the original homestead of George Minear, who was born in 1813 and had to be one of the first settlers to homestead in this area. This was probably a long-used family plot but is now home to about 60 graves. These little cemeteries are all over the midwest – and area almost always worth a look. Glenwood is quite a bit older then most, with a few folks born in the 1700s and a lot of the stones dating back to no later then the 1800s. A few Civil War vets, and a lot of interesting beauty. You’ll find this little plot on Townline Rd., about three miles south of Rt. 9 and about three miles north of Minear – the town named after George.

Hey – it’s always nice when we get to pip a Central Illinois photographer – and frankly we don’t get to do that nearly enough considering how many good Central Illinois shooters there are. A guy who’s just gotten his website online is local shooter Matt Buedel who is now up-and-running with his Buedel Images site. And he’s blogging too so welcome to the blogosphere Matt. I totally enjoyed the day Matt and I spent shooting at Banner Marsh late last year – he definitely knows his way around the area. Send a little love his way, eh?

Check out this little video clip about Eddie Adams that showed up on Rob Haggart’s “A Photo Editor” website. You all know Adams’ work (and the video will confirm this) – but this little blurb tells you something more about the man. Adams died from complications of ALS in 2004, but the Eddie Adams Workshop he started in 1988 is the be-all, end-all workshop for photojournalists. 

I’m still hard at it revamping my own site, but I’ll try to check in with y’all everyday. Have a great week – and get out and shoot.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, David!

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