Posted by: David Vernon | March 6, 2009

Friday Wraps

Dreamy FloodHow about a Friday Wrap? I started writing this on Thursday afternoon and the link are kinda piling up. Gotta get all of these off my chest and then it’s back to the big site redesign. Or lunch. We’ll see.

Since I’ve been working on improvements and changes to site that will be rolling out shortly, let’s start with the folks at LiveBooks, and the LiveBooks blog. The folks over at Livebooks – a web site geared at selling you software to showcase and sell your photos on the Internet – have a blog that’s often full of useful information (sort of like this one eh?). They had an entry on perfecting your pitch. Your pitch to win a photography assignment – or any assignment. If you have a photographic website, what do you use – software-wise – to show off your stuff?

A few other interesting tidbits from this week around the blogosphere: The 50-State Project. Fascinating. The Illinois photographer is Brian Ulrich from Chicago… Senior Reuters photographer Larry Downing has a slick look, through words and pictures, at life aboard Air Force One. He’s been flying the friendly presidential skies for 31 years – it’s a cool journey… Sony is introducing the DSC-HX1 point-and-shoot camera at PMA 2009 (Photographic Marketing Association) this week – probably the largest photographic trade show in the US. This camera has a clever new panoramic stitching feature – that looks like it take images straight from the Sony DSC-HX1’s Live View as you pan and then stitches it quickly in camera to make a final image. The link has video of the feature in action.

The latest installment from DPS on Photography 101 – A Basic Course on the Camera – is a look at the shutter. In this introductory series, they cover all the basics of camera design and use. They talk about the ‘exposure triangle’: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. They also talk about focus, depth of field and sharpness, as well as how lenses work, what focal lengths mean and how they put light on the sensor. And finally, they also look at the camera itself, how it works, what all the options mean and how they affect your photos. The series is very well done so far. The link above drops you in on lesson six – but I recommend the whole line if you want to point someone new to a good set on camera basics. And they have some neat animations that really should appeal to the visual learner – which a lot of photographers are.

Let’s end with talk of glass. In the same line as DPS above, Gizmodo has a comprehensive article on lens. A lot of stuff you already know – but well explained. Maybe – just maybe – you’ll see something new. Andy Westlake, writing over at, has some insight on all the new 50mm lenses that seem to be popping up. The problem is however that these lenses are just a little to short for good portrait lenses. Where are those he wants to know? Some good insight on portrait lenses and what they should do.

I’m of the opinion that you spend the money on glass first – not a camera body. Bodies obsolesce quickly nowadays. Good glass is forever. And Happy 50th Birthday to Nikon’s F-mount. I can take a Nikkor lens from 1960 and put it on my D300 and I know it will work. Ahhh.

Now – on to lunch. Who was I kidding?


  1. Hi David. Glad you find RESOLVE informative. I love that 50 States project too!

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