Posted by: David Vernon | March 5, 2009

Workshops/Seminars and One in Particular

The Tree 52Let’s talk about workshops and seminars for a minute (or in my case five minutes).

To me, workshops differ from seminars. A seminar is essentially what you’re going to get from the Peoria Camera Club on March 21. It’s not highly interactive. And there’s nothing wrong with that. When you have an audience in the hundreds you can’t afford getting sidetracked on a lot of hands-on activities. A seminar is a download from an expert to an audience who wants to be there. And the PCC Seminar is awesome year-in and year-out.

A workshop on the other hand is geared at a small number of people. From a small handful, up to perhaps a dozen (or slightly more). A workshop – from my viewpoint – has to be hands on and interactive. I want to come to a workshop and lay hands on – and do things. And this gets me to point number one here. I’m toying with two ideas (covered in one point. See?):

  • Bringing someone in to do a workshop in the Central Illinois area;
  • Doing my own workshop

When you look at guys like David Hobby, or David Tejada, or the guys from Lighting Essentials – they make part of their living from getting around the country(or the world) and doing small workshops. And essentially if you can round up enough bodies, you can probably talk ’em into coming to Central Illinois to do a workshop. I’ve talked about trying to get that rolling with a few of you – and I’m still pretty jonsed about the idea.

I’ve also been playing around with the idea of running my own workshop. I have a partner-in-crime and we’re starting to think about taking our show on the road for a one-day kind of thing nearby. We’re researching ideas on what to workshop on – and how to pull it all off – but the idea is you only need to reach say 8-12 people for one weekend – and you’re set. As long as you have something valuable to pass on so that people walk away feeling like they learned something – well then – you’re golden.

So I’d love to hear from you on workshop ideas – what workshops would interest you – either from bringing someone in – or from having us craft a particular workshop?

Now let me say a word about a certain seminar. I’m a fan of the prolific blogger, educator, and full-time wedding shooter David Ziser. No matter what you shoot, David’s a giving guy when it comes to information – and you will learn from him. And David is doing an amazing 58-city tour this year called the Digital WakeUp Call Seminar. The cost of the workshop is $59 (I have a code for the discounted price) and I’m going to go one way or the other – be it Indianapolis (Sept. 8), St. Louis (Sept. 9), or Chicago (Sept. 21). Once you see what you will walk out of there with – from both a knowledge and freebies perspective – I think it’s well worth it. The workshops will basically run from 5pm to 10pm. And since you’re gonna do the math – Sept. 8 is a Tuesday, Sept. 9 is a Wednesday (very good), and Sept. 21 is a Monday. Not the greatest nights for a roadtrip and a run home – but it’s doable.

And I think the CIPB and the Peoria Flickr Group needs a field trip – so I’m announcing here (and over in the flickr group in a few minutes) a call for a road trip to one of these three seminars. Leave comments over in the Flickr group (unless you aren’t a member – in which case I question your wisdom) as we start to put this together.

And if you haven’t signed up for the PCC seminar – you still have a week to get the good price. So follow the link trail to that and do it!


  1. I know we’ve talked about it briefly before, but, I think it’d be cool to have Don/lighting-essentials come to town.

    I bet between this blog, flickr, and the camera club, we could get enough people to commit.

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