Posted by: David Vernon | March 4, 2009

A (new) Little Busy Rambling

Old SpiritsThe topic for today’s post may best be centered around mediocrity.

Well for the fourth time in recent weeks I’ve written a blog post on one of my two WordPress blogs – and then clicked “Publish” or “Save” and seen WP eat the entire post. Here’s a lesson I need to take to heart – I need to copy the entire post before I click any button. The more I work with computers (and software) the more I realize how mediocre they can be. I wrote software for nearly 12 years – and some of it was quite mediocre. Some of it was okay – but ugh… software.

So now I’m going to start over since today’s post is 100% gone. Those reading via an RSS feed were treated to the letters “tt”. Not sure there was a lot of meaning there and my apologies about that. Now onto another 30 minutes doing the exact same thing.

Okay setting bitterness aside. Barely.

I’ve been pretty heads down this week on site rework at (nothing to see yet) as well as fallout from my backup restoration of a few weeks ago. However it’s been going well enough that I’m ducking out of that for a minute to throw some love your way – about avoiding mediocrity.

I think one of the most important things you can do as a photographer is to look at the work of other photographers. Looking at good images will continually help you make better images. Not by stealing other peoples ideas – but by seeing what works. I work through three websites that are photojournalistically-based. I love the images that I see there an encourage you to sneak a peek:

What other photojournalistic sites are you looking at?

Was reading Scott Kelby’s blog today. It’s Wednesday so he has a guest blogger – and the guy today is Tim Mantoani. Tim, based out of San Diego, essentially writes about not being mediocre as a shooter. It’s inspirational (as Kelby guest bloggers often are) and insightful – and features a lot of unique images. Check out Tim’s personal website too – I had to look through the entire “Photographer’s Portraits” section – what a great idea.

Another guy I’ve really enjoyed looking at lately (who isn’t mediocre) is Seattle shooter John Keatley. He first surfaced on David Hobby’s blog a week or two ago. I really like his images and I really like that he blogs about his images.

Okay – going back to real work here in a minute (after I copy everything, delete the original post and create this new post). Ahh yes – work in the digital world. Catch you all shortly. Don’t be mediocre!

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