Posted by: David Vernon | February 23, 2009

Monday Bonus Links

Sincerest FormJust a few bonus links from the Internets on a chilly Central Illinois Monday:

One of my favorites, Joe McNally, has been working on a new book – all about flash photography. It looks great – in fact it doesn’t matter how poor I am – it’s instantly on the list of things to buy because I think it will be that valuable. Entitled “The Hot Shoe Diaries – Big Light from Small Flashes”, Joe’s got an introduction on his blog today. Definitely worth a look – and when it’s available in a few weeks – it definitely will be worth a buy.

David Hobby pointed us to the “Redux Blog” today – as a great place to look at outstanding photography. Here’s his quote on why this is always worth a look:

“So, my morning pick-me-up is to cruise over to the Redux blog. It’s run by Myles Ashby, and in it he offers a steady stream of published work by the very talented shooters at Redux Pictures. There is no faster way to grow as a photographer than to consume a steady diet of good photography — and take the time to try to understand which qualities in those photos appeals to you. I am into location portraiture, so Redux is a great fit for me. Myles’ approach is simple. He scans the tear sheets, runs the pictures all the way across the editorial hole, then tells you who shot them and where they ran.”

and here’s his entry for your viewing pleasure. A simple idea – and in the end – a great collection of shots.

And finally, the gang over at 1,001 Noisy Cameras has a clever “Oscar” tie-in, with their short but punchy list of great blog sites. Yep – it’s the Photo Blogging Oscars.


  1. You got your copy of ‘hot shoe diaries’ yet?? 🙂

  2. Are you kidding me?!?!?! Amazon shipped a few days ago – should have it ANY MINUTE!

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