Posted by: David Vernon | February 19, 2009

Good things come in threes

Looking to Cedar PointOkay – that’s an old saying that only happens to be true when good things actually do come in threes. But today I present a counter-argument to my own italics – with three things you might consider good.

Shooting here in Central Illinois from December 1 to March 1 often comes with frozen hands that make said shooting all that much harder in the winter. What if I found a pair of gloves that were really geared toward photography? Gloves that were both very warm and still pretty darn dextrous. You’d wanna hug me right? Well – here you go. I really think these would work for you – and you still have a few weeks to take advantage of this soft yet pliable warmness. I’ll be over here waiting for the hug.

I mentioned Atlanta-based shooter Zack Arias a few weeks ago. I like him for his talents with small strobes but yetsterday he hit a home run as a guest-blogger on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider website. His short video was very introspective and a good wake-up call for examining your own photography. It’s beautifully shot and asks a few important questions about his work – and yours. And it’s received hundreds of comments – almost universally in favor of the message.

The third and final item in our trio of links today is from Amazon photography blogger Ryan Brenzier. His take on “Photo Tips from the Old Masters” is a smart look at how past geniuses made absolutely great images with less then great equipment. If they can do it – so can you.


  1. I’m really glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for the link.


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