Posted by: David Vernon | February 19, 2009

Gigapan Epic – Again You’ll Need the Checkbook

Old Mackinaw River BridgeIf you haven’t seen the Gigapan Epic – well – this is your chance. It’s retailing for $379, and it only works with point-and-shoot cameras rights now (a DSLR version is in the future) – but it’s pretty darn slick and easy for generating GIGApixel (that’s 1,000 megapixels) panoramic stitches. The folks at Oh! Gizmo did a very nice review that includes set-up, operation, and the stitching software. There’s also a gripping video of the rig in action.  Oh – and find your friends who attended the recent Presidential inaguration. This 1,474 megapixel (that’s 1.474 gigapixels – good job) image pretty much got EVERYONE. Wild.

UPDATE: So I really started jumping around in this image. Bonus points if you can find John Harrington, who runs the Photo Business Forum blog (look for the guy with about seven Nikon cameras perched in front of his spot). Also – good luck finding one of my fav’s – Ms. Annie Leibovitz. She’s on the edge somewhere. And dig celloist Yo-Yo Ma. He’s put the cello down and he’s picked up the camera. I knew I liked that guy.

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