Posted by: David Vernon | February 13, 2009

Portfolio Reviews

Under WaterWe’re always scheming on ideas to help photographers in Central Illinois. I’ve seen a couple of references lately (seperate links – click on both) to portfolio reviews. Kelby’s post got Peoria flickr group admin (and occasional CIPB contributor) Billy Bob Shaner thinking about setting up a portfolio review right here in Central Illinois.

What is a portfolio review exactly? It’s pretty simple. You generate 15-25 images – either printed or on the CPU – and you show it to someone a couple notches above you photographically for about 20 minutes. And then they… well… tell you exactly what they think. It’s constructive stuff. It’s critique and not criticism. Reading Kelby’s article above gives you a pretty good idea of what’s involved.

I can actually think of a number of outstanding shooters (no – not me – but thanks for thinking that I might think I’m outstanding) who we could probably strongarm. These are people who know their craft to a high degree. WHAT I want to gauge right here (and in a companion post over in the flickr group) is would people be interested. If we get say just 10-15 people, we’ll go ahead and start talking about doing this in 2-3 months – once we iron out schedules. Leave a comment here – or over in the Peoria group on flickr – and let us know your interest. And drop me a note if you want to know who I’m thinking about – and if you have any ideas who would be good evaluators.


  1. I would most certainly be interested in a portfolio review. I think I would have to choose a theme? Either my portraits or my landscapes? Hmmm…I will have to stew on that one.

  2. There was a guy from Bradley that did judging for the camera club last year that I really liked his style of analysis. I wish I could remember his name, but, you probably already know who I’m talking about.

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