Posted by: David Vernon | February 13, 2009

Friday Wraps

Cedar Point B SideA number of interesting travels this week…

¶ I haven’t touted the benefits of keeping up with Joe McNally via his blog lately. Joe has a fondness for sucking you in to the story – even if it’s as simple as screwing with the guy sitting next to him on the airplane. And yet, there’s always a little more to the message. This guy would be fantastic to spend a week with – say at the Santa Fe or Maine Workshops. Oh yeah. This latest entry is no different. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you. A few weeks ago, Joe ran a series of daily workshops at Dobbs Ferry in New York. He has a series of blog entries on the affair, beginning here and moving backward. If you’re into photographic lighting at all, then it’s worth a look. Sure, the guy owns more speedlights then Nikon, but the thinks he can do with just a small handful is magic. One of the best in the business – and it’s stuff you can apply to your own work. Oh – and scroll down in the post linked above until you see the Nikon D2X body that survived the Baja 1000 – strapped to a car. Holy cow!

¶ I came across this post – a specialty lighting product that seems to be a potential problem-solver for certain situations. What a great idea. A hat tip to the good folks at the Nice Magazine Photo blog – again.

¶ A few more thoughts on lighting resources that we’ve talked about over the last few weeks. I somehow let it slip through the cracks, but this book is definitely one of the better books on photographic lighting. I’ve seen it referenced by a number of folks – and it’s definitely worth a look. Amazon will let you peek inside, so head over and see how it fits the bill. And check out the work of commercial shooter Dan Winters – another shooter who can really craft light and make it work for him. Yet as you look at the pictures, you can really pick out how his shots are built. Studying how other shooters light their stuff will definitely pay off as you try to pull off the same stunts down the road.

¶ I’ve turned into a fan of David duChemin, a wonderful shooter from Vancouver, B.C. I’ve mentioned David a few times on this blog – but he wrote two entries on his own blog last week that resonated with me. Start here – and then move to the next entry. And then mull it over. Oh – and David gives a lot of free stuff away. None of it to me so far – but you never know. He’s got a contest going on now where they’re giving away a free Lensbaby Composer. I’m entered – but maybe you want to head over and enter. And that means you Tim.

¶ From the “It’s my blog and I’ll cry (out) if I want” Department: Yours truly will be speaking on two subjects near and dear to his heart next Tuesday at the Peoria Camera Club every-other week general membership meeting. The topics: the Peoria Flickr group and, well, um, THIS BLOG. We’re always trying to grow both endeavors, and a little publicity is never a bad thing – in our case at least. Okay – it could be a bad thing – but in this case… Well I digress. The meeting is at 7:30pm on Tuesday, February 17 at “The Christian Center” on Brandywine – kind of across War Memorial from Chedders. Come out and have a listen.

¶ I’m going to steer back to a few more lighting things. A few posts back – we talked about getting yourself into an introductary lighting gear kit. We specifically mentioned two considerations: 1) umbrellas and 2) strobes vs. continuous. Well – it’s almost like the photographic blogosphere was listening. The generous fellowship that is Lighting Essentials published an article a few days ago on the plusses and minuses of shoot-thru umbrellas vs. reflective umbrellas. An enlightening article to say the least. And then Ryan Brenizer – a pro shooter of some talent who’s way younger then me – has a short primer on continuous light vs. strobes. It’ll brighten your day.

¶ I’ve been a very happy customer of – a great resource for photographic printing. They run their own set of community forums – and there was a good article on “Making your monitor match your Mpix prints” this week. It contains a good series of thoughts on what you have to do to work with your printer on color management.

That’s the news for the week – and I’m outta here.


  1. BTW, I’m post 50 in the lensbaby giveaway. 🙂

    and that article on lighting essentials is very well done! Oh, and the mpix article looks interesting. I just got some test prints to see how close my monitor calibration matched them, and I was surprised at how different they are (primarily in brightness, but, slightly in color). I’ll give that one a good read-through.

    Oh, and finally, I plan on being at the camera club meeting. Do you prefer tomatoes or eggs??? 🙂 LOL

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