Posted by: David Vernon | February 4, 2009

Revisiting Cleaning, Backups, and more

Railsplitter Morning 2A few tidbits to pass along today…

¶ I learned a valuable lesson about backing up your images last week. My 250GB external drive – the one that hosts all my images – died rather unexpectedly and quickly. Fortunately I’ve been backing up those images for some time now and I was spared the agony of losing some or ALL of my images. Which gets me to reminding you that backing up is one of the greatest ideas since the slicing of bread was put on the table.

I’m currently stuck on the PC/Windows platform. I use the built-in Windows backup application to back up my files. I do a nightly incremental backup, meaning I backup the files that changed since the last backup ran. I also do a weekly full backup, just to be sure (plus the incremental backup only takes a few minutes while the full one takes 7-8 hours).

But I go a step further. I also write all my SELECT Raw and JPEG images to DVD to get them off the computer or any device attached to the computer. I’m willing to let my NON-SELECT items stay on the CPU, but the good stuff – it needs to move away from electricity.

Finally – and I haven’t bitten the bullet yet – but strongly consider online backups. Again, this safely gets your images off the computer and also out of the house. The services are pretty inexpensive to boot. I’m limited by pretty severe bandwidth caps on my satellite Internet – but I will cross that bridge eventually. Drop me a note if you have questions about backups.

¶ Some time back, we did some articles on cleaning your camera. They can be found here, here, and here. But mighty Moose Peterson has taken it a step further – he’s got four articles on this (that’s like a two-for-one deal compared to us) and he’s got video. So you can watch him work and gain tidbits. Valuable stuff so here you go:

¶ Let’s take a moment to discuss one lighting thing for the strobists in the audience today. The subject is lighting for glasses. This really translates to “How do I keep light reflections out of people’s glasses?” David Hobby to the rescue – along with his mates from the U.K.’s Flashcentre. He provides the articles with video and on broad lighting.

¶ And I haven’t ever done this before here but… I came across a photographer on flickr today that I thought was worth sharing. Her images have a stark and fantastic beauty. Her name is Olivia Bee – and she’s 14 years old. Fourteen. I think it’s safe to say she gets it.

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