Posted by: David Vernon | January 30, 2009

Exploring a local Photoshop Users Group

Railsplitter MorningMark DuBois, an Associate Professor in the Business and Information Systems Department at Illinois Central College is working through the expanding Adobe “Groups” website ( and is exploring creating a Central Illinois Photoshop Users Group.

And what do we mean by that exactly?

John Nack, one of the program managers for Photoshop, announced the other day on his blog about an effort to promote better relationships between Adobe and local Photoshop User Groups through a new Adobe web effort. Mark has picked this up and is running with it.

I’ll let Mark explain his Central Illinois idea in his own words – and I encourage you to check out the link:

“At the moment, I am simply trying to determine how much local interest there is for such a group. If you are interested, please visit [the site] and consider joining our group. It is free, but does require an Adobe userid (also free). Assuming there is sufficient interest within the next few weeks, I will be populating the site with more content. I am using the number of members as a measure of what interest there is for such a group.”

As Nack pointed out, this will ““give the Adobe community a place to connect, find one another, and locate communities of people who share their interests.” And really that sounds like a great idea.


  1. Interesting….thanks for passing this along!

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