Posted by: David Vernon | January 29, 2009

February 2009 Desktop Calendar

February 2009 Desktop CalendarI’m jumping on the bandwagon.

A number of photographers offer monthly desktop calendars that you can download and display as the background on your computer’s desktop. I was browsing Jason Moore’s blog this morning and I liked his presentation. So I’m stealing it. On the other hand, if you like Jason’s better – you can use his – it’s a nice image.

We’ll publish the calendar for the next month in the week before that month starts. It will look something like the one above, with the dates running down the right-hand side. It will come in four basic sizes – but if you have a specific size need let me know. That and $10 will probably get it done.

Click the size you desire below – and *poof* all will be right with the world – for at least one month

UPDATE: The question has already arisen (in my own mind) about whether these photos will limited to images in Central Illinois. The short answer: no. But thanks to me for thinking of the question.


  1. Oh!!!! Man, you beat me to it. I won’t lie, I was planning this very same thing for my blog as well.
    I missed getting one up in a timely fashion for January….hmmm. Now, I will really look like a copy cat.

    Very nice image and layout however! Mine was not going to be that cool. =) I like the holidays listed, which I haven’t ever seen before. Yes, it will be going on my desktop. I love it!

  2. Oh – just as a sidenote – your logo in the bottom left hand corner gets cut off by the taskbar (I’m using the widescreen version.) It looks quite lovely on my scren though.

  3. Yes – it’s true. I am a speed demon. And I noticed the cut-off on my own widescreen monitor, even though I’m “stretching” the image. That’s okay – at least you know where it came from. We’ll consider a minor revision for March.

  4. I like the calendar idea, I saw one on one of my coworkers machines the other day. Need a 1280×800 for us poor macbook (non-pro) users… I just wish I could get 1680×1050. What software dis you use for these? Think it works on portrait layout..? I never seem to hold the camera in landscape anymore.

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