Posted by: David Vernon | January 28, 2009

Once you start looking…

Taloma Farmers 2Once you start checking this stuff out, you can’t stop. At least not easily.

Certain photographers have become known for their “looks”. We mentioned Dave Hill and Jill Greenberg yesterday – two photographers definitely known for their “looks”. I happen to like their looks but in some ways they may get pigeon-holed into continually supporting it, making it tough to escape sometimes. Some people would call that their style – and I think it definitely is – but one shouldn’t necessarily be held to their style ALL the time. Still, clients get to know that style and come to count on it, so it can certainly pay the bills.

Sports shooter Dustin Snipes has this revealing look at mixing hard rim light with soft key light to produce some compelling portraits. There are also frequent examples of using shutter speed and light:subject:background ratios to vary the background of the shot. There are also wonderful set-up shots that walk you through how he lit the scene. 

Dustin is also guest blogging on Scott Kelby’s website today and he walks through his Photoshop post-processing technique to achieve the final look.

Once you start looking at this stuff, it’s only a matter of time before you’re after your own look.

Two other lighting tidbits to pass along. Nice Magazine’s Photo Blog finished up a nice and brief three-part segment on hard light vs. soft light yesterday – by hitting you with the combo light. There are links in the article to the first two parts – a good look at things to understand the contrast between hard and soft light.

Atlanta-based shooter Zack Arias loves his light too. Not only does Zack sell a DVD version of his “One Light Workshop” (check out the trailer on his site), but he passed through Central Illinois last September in a bizarre small world confluence as it relates to photography. Jeff and Julia Woods, who do a little photography of their own in Washington, IL, hosted a conference back in September aimed at married couples who work together/live together/spend 24×7 together – particularly in the photo industry. They could be considered experts at this. Arias spoke of his experiences on the subject – which is where the connection came from.

And a little more on opportunities in Central Illinois – through Jeff and Julia. They run a three-day workshop (called Exposed – click on the Workshops link)  that is geared toward turning your photographic vision into a business that, as they describe, “will provide you with fulfillment and the balanced life you desire.” The February 2-4 workshop is sold out but there are still spots available in the May 18-20 version. It’s an opportunity to stretch a little – and based on their success with Portrait Life, again, they may know of what they speak.

See what happens when you start walking on the Internet?

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