Posted by: Bill Shaner | December 30, 2008

My Early Resolution…

It’s not quite the new year but I’ve already made at least one resolution… to attempt to post on a more regular basis. In that vain I thought I would start with a few links to sites that I’ve been recently visiting but I think others may find value in them.

Over the weekend I was in Chicago. While the bride was doing her thing I got to spend quality time at some of my favorite watering holes as I waited. I tend to listen in on conversations and it amazed me the number of people I heard talking about their  photography businesses.  When the Peoria Flickr group had its business round table it had probably the greatest turn out we’ve seen with lots of posts afterward. The thing is, I wonder how many people go into this opportunity with their eyes open. I’ve looked at costs of starting my own photography business and have spreadsheets galore trying to quantify costs etc… Well the other day I ran across an interesting calculator for photographers. The Cost of Doing Business Calculator is done by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and appears to be pretty good. If you think you are interested in making some money in photography it probably makes sense to run some figures here first.  At the minimum it outlines some of the costs you should be thinking about so it’s worth your time to go for that reason alone.

While you’re at it you might also check out the NPPA’s business practices page! There are a lot of other links and information about a photography business. I might add however that the site is geared more toward photographers looking to have their images published, but I still think there is a lot of good info there.

Dave has mentioned he checks his photo blogs regularly. I know one of the Tim’s on the Flickr board has a sequence he apparently follows almost religously when checking his photo sites. Me… I’m not so organized. I have a bunch of links but tend to wander down the path so some blogs and sites get missed for months on end. RSS is the answer of course but I hate most of the RSS readers that are out there and don’t want to spend the time learning new tools or extensions for Firefox. Enter iGoogle!! I use Google all the time but until recently never played around much with the iGoogle page. It’s sort of a homepage that you can customize with “gagdets”. The thing is you can use it as an RSS reader of sorts! I’ve put all my photo sites into two tabs and they list the top 3 blog articles for each of the sites I like going to.  If you want more or fewer articles in your list you can even change that! Never again do I have to worry about missing something. A quick browse a couple of times a day and I’m all set! Another cool feature is it lets you share your tabs. So.. if you create a tab of sites you like you can basically email it on to others.


  1. Wow, Bill. What a great post! Thanks for the info.

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