Posted by: David Vernon | December 16, 2008

White Balance Balance

Peoria Skyline in BlueI’ve lucked out today. Which really means in the end you’ve lucked out today – IF you are a fan of shooting RAW and getting your white balance on the money. I’ve mentioned this topic here and there, but today I found a superb article at The OnlinePhotographer that is full of white balance goodness. The article, written by Carl Weese, nicely explains the whole Kelvin temperature thing so that it makes sense. There’s a little history lesson for film buffs, and then there’s a cogent explanation on how to make things luverly in your RAW processor. Lots of visual examples – and again it saves me so much typing.  Here’s the article – and he promises a part two – which will basically be on the topic of “White Balance – Who Needs It – Be Artsy”. I used that very excuse when I took the image that was posted here last Friday. A tungsten white balance – outdoors at night. Oh yes… oh yes. I’ll link to part two when Weese posts it.


  1. […] in December, we published a link to Part I of an insightful article on the hows and whys of white balance. Written by Carl Weese and hosted at […]

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