Posted by: David Vernon | December 12, 2008

Friday Wraps plus one

AhemWell, as some of you know, I have a day job that keeps me from writing long pithy entries here everyday. I’ve always found that, unless I’m actually working 8-5 M-F as a photographer, that working 8-5 M-F really gets in the way of photography.

Well – problem solved.

We’ll just leave it that after 12/19, I’m retiring for awhile from the current day-to-day endeavor of writing software. And in this economy, I plan to stay retired for a few months while said economy goes around and around before coming back to me. In the meantime I plan to actually exercise a little, write on this here blog a wee-bit more, and, hopefully, eek out a small living doing all kinds of things photographic right here in Central Illinois. And for the most part I’m at peace with that so… on to the Friday Wraps.

¶ A number of talented local artists – Jacob Grant, Jerry McNeil, Lucy Davies, James Jenkins, Eileen Leunig, Doug Leunig, Judith Shanahan, Lori Luthy, Stephanie Van Doren, and Chris Holbrook are opening their studio doors to the public at the Murray Building, 100 Walnut Street in Peoria. The Murray Building is located just west of the Bob Michael Bridge between Washington and Water Streets. While not everyone in the show is a shooter, a few of them ARE so it bears mentioning here. Say hello to CIPB-buddy Doug Leunig. Mention the CIPB and Doug will charge you 10% more.  It will go from 10-4 on this Saturday – aka TOMORROW.  Everyone will have drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

¶ Two short self-promotional items for your author. I currently have five items for sale on the walls at One World as part of an eclectic multiple-artist Christmas show. The pieces will hang until January 4. You can of course find all my work at my web site. The second item concerns the “David Hobby/Strobist-esque” class I’m teaching at the Art Guild starting on January 15. “Lighting with Small Flashes” is planned to accomodate six people. There is probably one spot left open as of today so RUN to grab that last spot. We’ll almost certainly teach a second section of the class starting in early March but you may be outta luck for this initial class. Oh – and it would be really helpful if the last person to sign up knew something about lighting.

Just kidding about that last part.

The entire winter brochure for the PAG Education program is available as a PDF.

¶ In an effort to make that small living from photography thing work out better – I will probably be teaching a summer class at the Guild this year too. We’ll probably keep it to four weeks to avoid killer summer vacations. My question to y’all – is there something we can cover in approximately 10 hours over four weeks that you wish we offered at the Guild? Let me know. The guild also currently offers a lot of specialized 1-1


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