Posted by: David Vernon | December 10, 2008

My neverending quest to help you gentle reader

Matthiessen Wishing WellAs a recent candidate for the highest office in the land was fond of saying… My friends… I am always on the lookout for things that will make your photographic life either better or more interesting. If I’m lucky, what I pass along will serve to do both. And least that’s what I’m shooting for today in this simple post that will point out a tool of such range and cleverness to make your heart bleed Selectol (I’ll let you youngun’s google that).

Anyway my gift to you to day goes by the name of Tineye. If you care where your stuff shows up – with or without your permission – then this tool is invaluable. Signup is free but required – but it’s been hassle free and very helpful.

Run man run.


  1. It sounds pretty cool. I didn’t have much luck searching…it didn’t pick up any of my images on flickr, or a couple of forums I have posted to. I did find someone else’s image when I tried the firefox plugin..but only one. I expect to see more of this type of thing and more places selling image tracking services.

  2. I didn’t have much luck either, even with photos I knew of mine that were on my own blog and website, that I thought would have shown up. However, they do clearly state that they haven’t scoured ALL of the ever-increasing internet yet. Maybe I should be happy that nobody has had the kahuna’s to steal my work yet (or gasp! maybe it isn’t worth stealing! Naw…that can’t be it.)

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