Posted by: David Vernon | December 5, 2008

Friday Wraps

ADM Sunset I actually keep a personal blog and I reached a period where I got so bad at updating it due to a busy schedule that I just gave up six days a week and decided to run a “Friday Four” where I posted at least four short stories every Friday to at least stay in the loop. That’s part of the impetus of the “Friday Wraps”. Of course I’ve screwed myself now, with two Friday posts to get to – and you see the results – we’re lucky to get one Friday post in one place. I will be over-compensating for a quiet week here today.

¶First things first. I promised you another magazine a few days ago. This will actually turn into a fairly short series of magazine experiences that you may (or nay not) find useful. Today’s candidate for your perusal is the old standard “Shutterbug” (online here). This is actually the first photography magazine I subscribed too when I got back into subscribing. They don’t really have a single focus – it’s fairly broad-based and well done. It features A LOT of in-depth product reviews and examples – and to its credit – it goes beyond the common. There are other brands besides Canon and Nikon and there are- it turns out – other ways to post-process not called Photoshop. I leave you to check it out.

¶ One of the best finest local shooters you almost certainly don’t know – let’s call him Mike L. – spent a week at the Santa Fe Workshops last February with NYC-based shooter Doug Menuez. The class however wasn’t really a shooting class – it was a “Come to Jesus” class about reconciling shooting with – yes – shooting what you love. Menuez was great – or so Mikey said – but he must have been because he gives you a Cliff Notes version of the class in essay form. I have this hear to remind me to go reread it every once-in-awhile.

¶ Holy crap! You don’t know about The Big Picture? I know it’s cold but get out from under your three-bedroom apartment that is conveniently under a rock and check it out every single time they update it. One of the best collections – if not the best – of current photography on important subjects on Teh Intertubez!

¶ My copy of this book arrived the other day. Very excited to start drilling down this weekend. Maybe someday ALL of you can be my assistants on a shoot so I can be just like Annie. Speaking of Annie – she was also featured in the weekly “10 Questions” feature at Time Magazine this week. Check out the video portion of the segment.

¶ Speaking of books – and since it’s neigh Christmas time ALREADY – Syl from Pixsylated has a great review of books to consider as gifts this year in his first annual survey of photography books.

¶ In the “something that probably deserves its own topic down the road but let’s start with this” category… Want to show your work on line. Cincy shooter and blogger Jim Talkington’s Around the Net column today is all about online galleries. I use a decidedly lower-priced version for my own website then most of what gets talked about – but Jim does a good job of introducing the subject.

¶ DIY Photography has a fun and simple project that’s wonderful to do at this time of year with all the lights… Photo Peoria Flickr Group shooter Astropunk pulled it off.

¶ Before we get to the last and controversial topic of the day, I want to point out that I’ve been devouring “How To” videos on the Internet. Specifically videos showing photographers who walk you through all their lighting and shooting setups. There can be no finer example then this video, from Sports Illustrated on how they made their SportsPerson of the Year cover for 2008 – featuring Michael Phelps. At least there probably isn’t – I haven’t seen the darn thing yet.

¶ Trouble-maker David Hobby has a blog post today on a scary word to some shooters: Free. It’s stirred the pot a lot for a Friday in December when it’s cold as a witches t… it’s caused a fuss. Some big names have weighed in with agreement and some are hesitating. But they all agree its a worthy discussion. And it is. We’ve been talking about it in the Peoria Flickr group for awhile even – so it must be trendy. That and hot pink coats.

Have a great weekend y’all.

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