Posted by: David Vernon | December 2, 2008

Outdoor Photographer and Auto Focus

Matthiessen CreekWhy yes – those are two interesting topics. Why am I putting them together?

It turns out that Outdoor Photographer is not only a title for someone who takes pictures… outdoors… but it’s also the name of a magazine that is dedicated to shooting outdoors. Over the next few days, I’ll be highlighting a few photography magazines that I find helpful – for both their print and online editions.

The December 2008 issue of OP has a nice article on autofocus – particularly how to get the most out of your AF engine and when NOT to use it. Back when I was a kid who had to walk both ways to school uphill in the snow (during a hurricane – hah – gotcha), autofocus didn’t exist. We had to do it old school – by twisting the focus ring on your lens. Around 1981, Pentax introduced the first Autofocus lenses (it had four “AA” batteries) and we were off and running. 

The OP article explains, with just the right amount of detail, how autofocus works and how to optimize it based on your own camera’s abilities. It’s also got a list of ten tips to improve what AF can do for you.

The magainze itself has always focused on three aspects of photography when it comes to shooting in nature: how-to, gear, and location. What’s great of course – in this day and age – is that almost all the content ends up online at their website.

So check out the article and check out the website. And tomorrow – we’ll explore a different magazine and a different topic.

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