Posted by: David Vernon | December 1, 2008

Winter Photography – Now Seems Like A Good Time

Last ShotWell, for those of you living in Central Illinois – Winter showed up yesterday – on the last weekend of November – for the second year in a row. My normal 30-minute drive to work turned into nearly an hour today with traffic snarls over the bridges into Peoria. Ahh yes.

Well, it just seems to be the perfect time to haul out this gem from the Digital Photography School. Yes – let’s get down with Winter Photography. The main rule, from my perspective, if snow is involved is: overexpose, overexpose, overexpose. By at least one stop and maybe more. Your camera sees all that white stuff and wants to shut down and render it as middle grey. Don’t let it. You can always spot meter off of the snow, but just throwing +1 E/V into the mix usually gets you pretty close.

Go figure that it’s written by a guy from California too. But let’s not hold that against the article. Still pretty valid stuff.

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