Posted by: David Vernon | November 28, 2008

Platon enlightens

Matthiessen Cascade RelitIf we really behave ourselves here in Central Illinois, we ocassionally are blessed with a visit from a top-notch shooter. Just in the last few years, I can recall Renee Byer, RIck Sammon, Doug Plank, Frans Lanting, Joyce Tenneson, David Allen Harvey, and John Paul Caponigro making appearances – to name a few. Typical public presentations include a slide show of work with the artist describing the stories and process behind the images.

Sometimes however, you can’t wait to see all the big names come to Peoria. Sometimes you have to go find them. The fantastic portrait photographer Platon recently gave such a presentation at the Eddie Adams Workshop, in New York City. As a brief aside, if you want to change your life completely – and in the direction of photo-journalism – well – check out the Workshop. Amazing stuff.

And because it’s amazing stuff, Platon showed up to give a talk. Photographer Vincent LaForet is one of the group leaders at the Workshop and he was able to get a recording of the Platon talk. He’s hosting it at his own blog. It’s a great listen on a master portrait photographer talking about his process and the way he works with people. It’s audio only so you can’t see the slides but he spends just enough time on each slide that you can follow along on Platon’s own website – wandering through his Portrait Portfolio.


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