Posted by: David Vernon | November 21, 2008

Friday Wraps

Matthiessen SurpriseI suspect I’m overcompensating today for a busy week that was devoid of a lot of posts from our end. This Friday Wrap runs the gamut from Annie to Ziser. And that was just sheer dumb luck.

¶One thing you can do with your DSLR (probably) is you can actually fire the shutter without having a memory card in the camera. And you can generally do it over and over thinking you have a card in place. The camera holds the image in its buffer long enough for you to see the image on the back of the camera. Fortunately, most camera makers give you little clues that you don’t have the card in place. Hopefully this will keep you from making a very large mistake. Jeff Revell walks you through the process of locking yourself out if you don’t have a card in place.

¶For those of you who think it’s a great idea to go out and spend a fortune – ON OTHER PEOPLE – this late in the year, then here are two decent gift-giving guides you’ll want to consider. Scott Kelby’s 2008 Gonzo Guide runs from the reasonable to the well, kinda unreasonable, in terms of price. You can even get to his 2007 guide, which still counts for something. On a little more of a budget? Check out this 20 Photo Gifts Under $100 guide. That’s a little less crazy.

¶I will be preesnting an upcoming lesson on Photoshop-based plugins. I’m a big fan of Nik Software’s plugins – and one effect you can achieve in Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro is an infrared look from a non-infrared photo. But why spend the $ for that effect when you can check out this well done and relatively simple Photoshop trick? Am I right?

¶We interrupt this Tidbits for a local tidbit. The Peoria Art Guild’s 8×8 show opens this weekend. There’s about 105 pieces in this show. I got to see it last night up close and personal and there are a lot of great pieces in the show. It runs about 30% photography – and represents a dozen or more different shooters – including yours truly. But the big deal is the Dutch Auction on Saturday night – from 6pm to 9pm. Again, go check out Stacy’s blog for the details.

¶Here’s the Annie. Love her or hate her, Annie Liebovitz has a new book out. Hold on – how about Love Her or Be Annoyed By Her? I’m not sure anyone hates her. I, on the other hand, fall into the Love Her category and I will be buying her new book call “Annie Liebovitz at Work”. Kind of in the genre of one of my favorite photography books lately – Joe McNally’s “The Moment It Clicks“, it’s an inside look at how she pulls off what she pulls off. There are two review you can explore – one over at DPS and one from David Hobby – who’s also a fan.

¶Now at the other end is the Ziser – David Ziser. He’s got a nice writeup on something that can be overlooked. How to dress the part photographically speaking – so you don’t look like an a**. That CAN really matter.

¶The good folks at Digital Photogrpahy School have a good writeup on 11 Surefire Tips for Improving Your Landscape Shots. We’ve touched on a number of these in class – but they round out the conversation nicely.

¶Ryan Brenizer makes the blog twice this week. See what happens when you write a couple good tech articles. Maybe I should follow that advice. We talked about High Speed Sync (Nikon calls it FP Sync) a couple days ago. Brenizer made some nice environmental portraits using this technique. See the pictures – and the power (and gotchas) of syncing at 1/8000th of a second. It can be done.

¶I’ve recently discovered DIY Photography’s website. They’re running a partner contest where you switch up your gear with someone else and then go shoot something together and then write about it. Some more good prizes from the ever-yummy

¶Time for another local shout-out. The Peoria Flickr group is sponsoring a business roundtable this weekend on ths idea of ideas. Ideas on how to make a little extra dough from your photographic baking. No – that’s backwards. Check out the discussion. It’s from 1pm to 3pm on Sunday at One World in Peoria.

¶And finally – now that we’re all exhausted – a moment to start gathering your thoughts on lighting. There’s so much to do, so much to think about. The Art Guild classes on photographic lighting that I’ll be teaching in the spring are just under two months away. To that end I want you to start thinking about your lighting – whether you’re taking a class or not. Here are three excellent resources.

  • David Hobby aka Strobist. This guy is the real deal and will teach you everything there is to know about photographic lighting. Pretty much for free. Check out his Lighting 101 and 102 sections on his blog.
  • Denver-based shooter David Tejada runs a series of “Small Strobes, Big Results” workshops around the country. He actually encourages local folks to sponsor a workshop. Maybe that’s something we’ll consider taking on. Check out his material for now. He definitely has more toys then I do. He just did a workshop in Indianapolis but perhaps a workshop in Peoria, IL could be in the offing. We need to take advantage of that Peoria-Denver direct flight.
  • The excellent Lighting Essentials website has a lot of information on – yes – lighting. They’ve got some excellent tip sheets and do a good job showing you lots of examples of how to execute good basic stuff.


  1. What do you think about trying to set up a lighting essentials workshop here in Peoria??

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