Posted by: David Vernon | November 19, 2008

Tidbits for a Wednesday

Matthiessen DreamYesterday just seemed to be a day for discovering all kinds of interesting links – so without further adieu, I give you some tidbits of goodness – photographically speaking.

Ryan Brenizer is a New York City-based photographer who does a lot of portraiture and wedding work. He also has the distinction of being the photography blogger for His Amazon blog usually has a nice selection of articles – and his last two are good thoughts on environmental portraits and speeding up your digital workflow.

Digital workflow is a topic we’ll touch more and more on as time goes by. The wrong approach here can have detrimental effects on your work – from being a huge time-waster to (potentially) leaving you with no clue where you stored those images. Christina Nicole has a nice write-up over at DPS on the basics of workflow from an organizational standpoint – and gives you some good food for thought. Too often, some of this stuff is an afterthought and then you’re a few years down the line and it’s an overwhelming task to deal with it at that point.

One aspect of photography that attracts a lot of people is Fashion Photography. Melissa Rodwell authors the Fashion Photography Blog (another site where sometimes clothing is optional – i.e. NSFW – not safe for work) – a read dedicated to all aspects of the biz. Melissa has been doing this work for years and really does have a flair for telling the stories about both how to do this and how to do it well.

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