Posted by: David Vernon | November 19, 2008

How Could I Not Have Mentioned This?

Prom DinnerThis is one of those days. You know – when you sit down to your computer at 12:09 am to make your first blog entry of the day. And that’s the day behind me – not the one in front of me.

The headline should be your first clue however that this post won’t be much. The Prom Dinner picture (yes, seriously), taken at the Interstate Center in Normal, should be an indication we may go for laughs (more then usual). So here we go.

How in the blue blazes name of heck did I never point you guys to “What the Duck” yet? Assuredly the only webcomic on the planet dedicated 100% to photography.

This is a short entry – so you have time to go over and start reading in the archives. Go. Shoo.


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