Posted by: David Vernon | November 13, 2008

PAG 8×8

BM Bridge Sunset

Photo by Stacy Hanna

Friend of the blog (until she founds out I took her picture for this post without so much as asking) Stacy Hanna is a local shooter of many colors: weddings, seniors, landscapes. You name it – she enthusiastically captures it. The not-so-often photographed Michel Bridge looking into Peoria at sunset is as lovely as the Michel Bridge can look I think.

And I mention Stacy because she has a write-up of unparallelled excellence about the Peoria Art Guild’s 8×8 show. Not just photography, but thankfully a lot of photography still included. Now once again – stop reading this blog and walk on over to Snapshots By Stacy to get the full scoop on the big show at the Guild. It starts soon.

And while we’re on the topic of local shows – please, please drop me a line if there are local shows you want to promote. There’s a “Submit” link right in the blog header. Just head on in and give me the details and we’ll promote the dickens out of it. The Charles Dickens even.

Thanks Stacy for passing on the well-organized details… and ummmm, yeah – for the picture.


  1. Haha! Still a friend! As long as stealing is for the purpose of shamelss promotion of your fabulous friends, then you won’t hear a peep out of me!
    Thanks for sending some peeps my way!

    Anyone wanting to talk up local art events can count on another blog post from me as well. That is really promoting the Dickens out of something!

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