Posted by: David Vernon | November 13, 2008

Fri, er, Thursday Wraps

The Tree Abstract 10I’ve got an action-packed day on Friday so I’m pulling the occasional Friday Wraps into Thursday as I’ll only have a few minutes in front of the computer tomorrow.

¶I was having lunch with a fine photographer today (who coincidentally I talked into writing an article for this very blog so you’ll figure it out) on the subject of carrying your camera with you all the time. I came across a quote yesterday, attributed to Jay Maisel who said, “Carry the camera because without it, it’s really tough to take pictures.” Alright – that’s a valid point. Wednesday night I was driving home from Normal – and it was pretty late. Coming down Townline Road in southern Tazewell County, I spied a large buck (eight, maybe 10 points) standing on the shoulder of the road. I stopped with him in the headlights – only to realize that while my camera was “with” me – it was actually in the trunk. So let me augment Maisel’s quote: “Carry the camera CLOSE ENOUGH TO REACH IT WHEN YOU NEED IT…” Better point.

¶Some time back, I wrote about the Megapixel Myth. New York Times tech writer Russ Juskalian just ruminated on the topic of pixels and the myth. It’s clever and it’s called “Pixels are Like Cupcakes“. Another good treatise.

¶I am constantly looking at the work of other photographers. For inspiration, for ideas, for things to downright steal. That’s how I roll. But it’s amazing to see the variety of work out there and to be able to try and pull off some of the same audacity in photography that we all look at. Oakland, CA, shooter and professional trouble-maker (in a really good way) Thomas Hawk blogged the other day about a portrait shooter in Maine by the name of Houser (and the issues he is having with Flickr). Before you go running off to check out his work – please know his image stream is definitely not safe for work. Lots of people – not so much clothing. This link, in fact, is to his profile page – advance from there on your own. But can I just say the dude does some fine work with his strobes and I’m all about that right now. His work is really spot on so check it out – after 11pm. And yes – I’m serious – it’s about the lighting.

¶I’ve also discovered veteran UK shooter Drew Gardner. Drew has been blogging (a great blog name FYI) and explaining in wonderful but still brief detail on how he does a number of the things he does. A real learning experience. I particularly enjoyed this entry on composite images – a fun and not overly complex thing to do in the digital realm. We’ll be talking about compositing in the future – there are many ways to do this – for the purposes of “parlor tricks” or for exposure correction. Check Drew out. And then give it a try yourself.

¶Finally, I’m working on a number of techy articles. This means I haven’t found a great online article on the same topic so I’m reduced to writing it myself. And then editing the pants off of it. Topics to come: Exposure Bias, Workflow, Composite Imagery/HDR, Software Plugins (Nik, OnOne, etc.), Winter Photography, Slide Show Creation software, and Color Depth (8-bit to 32-bit and what it all means). Anything else? Anyone else? I’m sure a few of you can write ya know – c’mon bring something interesting to the table.

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