Posted by: David Vernon | November 12, 2008

Thoughts on Making the Jump

Matthiessen Cedar PointOne of the goals of the upcoming Peoria Flickr Group Business Roundtable is to brainstorm ideas about hobbyists making the jump to producing kind of revenue-stream from their photography. I think most people who pick up a camera and get halfway decent at it start to think about the same thing. How can I sell my images? Perhaps a more generic question, however, is how do I sell my skills?

I think one of the first and sometimes the most major hurdle to overcome is simply inertia. I love it when I hear people, commenting on someone else’s photography, say things like “Oh I could do that.” Well – maybe they can but the point is THEY DON’T. As someone who wants to make the jump into semi-professional shooting (let’s define that as not working full-time as a photographer or not deriving all your income from photographically-related business), if you can get over this hump – you’re a lot farther along then 99% of the rest of the population. BUT. It takes more then that to stay in business. I’ve encountered a lot of folks who simply pick up a high-end camera and start shooting. The camera gets it right enough of the time for a general collection of decent images to appear. But sooner or later they’ll do work for a client that simply doesn’t work, doesn’t click, and doesn’t measure up.

The truth of the matter is – there’s a fair amount of freelance work in Central Illinois for photographers. But if you want to work consistently – even just part-time – you need to realize what you’re taking on. So…

The wonderful Photopreneur blog has four wonderful nuggests on making the jump. Each one could be a lifelong quest but they’re all core to the task at hand.

David duChemin also has a good piece on Professional Practices. These are essential if you ever want to book a job for a client more then once.

And the non-photographic website has three big tips on how to avoid freelance blunders.

All good starting points. Come out to the Roundtable on Nov. 22 and maybe you’ll get a few more.

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