Posted by: David Vernon | November 11, 2008

Shoe Shines and Photography

Shoeshine at George'sThis picture may surprise you a little bit. I definitely took it on film, with a pocket-sized Pentax 35mm about 10 years ago. The location: George’s Shoe Shine and Hatters, on the corner of Main and Adams in Peoria. The reason for the image: I had recently received a promotion at work and it was de rigeur to bring in treats of some kind to celebrate. So instead I bought the whole group shoe shines at George’s. George is a Peoria landmark – all by himself. He just celebrated 60 years in the shoe shine business and he’s been at his current location in the Central Building for ages.

What does this have to do with photography you ask? Well, yesterday I was sitting in George’s, after lunch, getting a much need shine on my favorite Merrill “dress” shoes. Looking around the shop I realized just what a great place it would be to take images. George is actually pretty good about posing – and there is more memorabilia in there then most places in Peoria. So, if you’re in the neighborhood, take your camera and $3 and go get a shine. It’ll be great. It’s definitely one of Peoria’s hidden gems.

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