Posted by: David Vernon | November 10, 2008

Seeing the Light – High-Speed Sync

Homage to Craig - 401 Water at SunsetFrom a technique perspective, I’ve avoided talking about lighting so far. The primary reason for that is that the Art Guild will be teaching a “Photographic Lighting with Small Flashes” class starting in January and I was saving my good ammo for that. The class however will basically be an introductory technique class – aimed at basic lighting set-ups and techniques. One advanced topic we’ll cover a little – but not in great depth – is high-speed sync. One reason we won’t go into great detail is not every flash is capable of achieving this slick technique. But man – if you own a couple of capable flashes – it’s killer.

Now every time I sit down to write a technical article for some aspect of photography, I really should just check to see if Syl Arena has already weighed in on the subject. The dude just really breaks it down into chunks that are well – chunkalicious. His recent article on High Speed Sync was on the money – but the first half of the missive really covered a couple of basics that are worth reading. So without further adeiu, I give you Syl on High Speed Sync. Go and be educated.

And last but not least – it’s a busy week for team Central Illinois Photoblog – but I’ll try to get up at least a post a day – even if I just keep deep-linking to Syl’s archives! Well – unless McNally posts something.

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