Posted by: David Vernon | November 5, 2008

Finally – Color Management I, er You, Can Understand


The students in the Peoria Art Guild’s Digital Photography Class were out exploring northwest Peoria County last Saturday morning. There were tripods everywhere so we must be getting through to them.

We hear a lot of statements from students on color management. They don’t specifically say “I have a color management question.” They say things like “Well this looked a lot different on my monitor” or “I swear this wasn’t this color when I worked on it.” And those – those are clarion calls for the world of color management.  And while I think a lot of people are worried because they thing color management is complex (okay – it is) – that doesn’t mean the CONCEPT of color management – and your printer, and you monitor, and your color space – have to be.

The mad genius that is Syl Arena – posted one of the best articles on color management I’ve seen in awhile. It’s so good I want you to stop reading this post and go read his. You’ll learn something. And I can get back to work.


  1. Nice link! I recently noticed that some of my shots are waaayyyy different in the .jpg I’m getting ready to upload as compared to the image in lightroom. So, I’ve been taking an interest in color management. Still trying to figure it all out. That article describes the problem very well. One thing..I wish LR had a ‘proof colors’ option under the develop module like photoshop does.

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