Posted by: David Vernon | November 4, 2008

A Few Local Notes That Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With the Election

ChattyA couple interesting local happenings coming up.

If you aren’t home pouring over election results tonight, head over to the Peoria Camera Club meeting at 7:00 pm in the Proctor Professional Building. Tonight’s main topic is Sports Photography and features Steve Daggs. He is the editor and photographer behind Sports Photo News. And while you’re thinking about it, Hank Erdmann will be the speaker in two weeks, on Nov. 18. The topic will be Hidden Gems of the Midwest (and yes – they do exist).

The Peoria Flickr group is also hosting two unique events. On Saturday, November 15, group member Tim Lester has secured a different experience at Wildlife Prairie Park. Ever wanted to get a little closer to the raptors? Like inside the cage? Um-hum… Head over to the thread on the topic. You will need to RSVP because only a limited number of folks are going to be making this trek. You therefore will have to become a flickr member to leave commentary – or be clever enough to track Tim down in some other way.

The other event, taking place on Sunday, November 22, is the Peoria Flickr Group Business Roundtable. Kind of the same deal here – you’ll need to RSVP just so we don’t outgrow our location. The idea here is to get a lot of brains together to help each other work on ways to monetize their photography. What are people doing that works? That doesn’t work? Check out the thread here for more details and not that I’m the genius in charge of this event.

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