Posted by: David Vernon | October 30, 2008

Pogo Printer Reviewed

Balloon and SilosWe’ve had a request from Kentucky to review the Polaroid Pogo Printer (PPP). Kentucky is just inside the 100-mile radius around Central Illinois – if Central Illinois were in Kentucky. But what the heck – let’s do it.

I’ve had the thing for about 22 hours now and I am close to absolutely in love. What’s to love?

  • The size and weight – the thing is tiny and floats on air.
  • Prints pretty darn fast – from the time I hit “OK” on my camera – I have a print in my hand in under a minute.
  • Renders color AND black and white pretty well to what I see on my camera LCD
  • Print quality – really pretty darn good. I had a little streakiness on the first few prints – but they have a remedy for that. The ones we printed this afternoon look pretty nice.
  • Peel and stick – Peel the backing off – stick the picture on something. I’ve put the image back on the backing and repeated a few times and it does pretty well with continued stickiness.
  • Bluetooth-enabled. Wow – this is cool. My phone is like 300 years old – but two co-workers connected wirelessly via bluetooth and were printing in under 30 seconds. This elicited some very favorable responses. Finally (when I get a new phone) I can find something to do with all those cellphone pics.
  • Battery- or AC-powered.
  • Uses standard USB cable from camera to printer
  • Can print from CPU to printer

The shortcomings?

  • Paper is a little pricey. 30 sheets are $12.99 – so $0.43 per print – for a 2×3 print.
  • Printer only holds 10 sheets at a time – and you have to make sure you don’t exceed that limit which means counting and handling paper from a new fill of 30 sheets.
  • I’ve heard the battery life is too short – we’ll see about that.
  • Another set of power cords and a power inverter to carry around. Sigh.

David duChemin wrote about his Pogo a few weeks ago:

I’ve mentioned it before, but my ZINK-powered Polaroid Pogo printer is now a non-negotiable piece of gear. Put it into a decent pouch with an extra couple batteries (you’ll need them), extra paper, and a short USB cable, and you’ve got instant door-opening, people-thanking, smile-making, no-language-needed, print-making loving!

Friend of the Blog (that title is for sale to all of you) Doug Leunig left his comments about his Pogo too. You’ll have to click and scroll to comment #2 to read that.

As Counting Crows sang in Shrek 2 (and as I paraphrase): I’m fundamentally in love… Oooooh.



  1. oh, I want one! I want one!

    Camera first, though…

  2. Glad to see the Pogo-loving rippling across the surface of the photo community.

    I feel silly not knowing this, but I see you have “prints from CPU” as a pro – I had no idea I could print to the pogo from my laptop – any chance you can tell me how this works?

    Learn something new everyday…

    If you don’t mind, drop me an email with the scoop on this?

    David duChemin –

  3. I got to see the pogo in action first hand and I was delighted like a little kid with ice cream when I had a tiny little DV photo in my hand. I’m sworn to secrecy never to reveal this image…however, I am sure I will find a place to stick this image.

    The pogo printed quickly and the quality was certainly good enough to hand out little prints on location of your subjects. I think it is a great “sneak peek” and thank you type of item. I think I can spare the loose change to put a smile of people’s faces. Its all about customer service baby!

  4. Argh… I enjoyed the Pogo when we had lunch the other day but was resisting it’s charms! Now the bride has told the family I want one from Xmas (whey she decided this I am not sure since she was being very picky with the pix you took of her and printed and she knows she will be the subject of another 10,000 pogo prints should I get one!)

    I now read this post and want one even more. Can I actually wait till xmas? Will I get one for xmas or be devastated that I waited!!!

    This is killing me 😉

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