Posted by: David Vernon | October 30, 2008

How’d it get this late?

MBB SunriseSome days just get away from you. I’m shocked, shocked that it’s this late in the afternoon and I haven’t posted anything yet today. I can blame it slightly on the new Pogo printer – but frankly we’ve only printed two shots on it today – two co-workers each hooked up their bluetooth-enabled phones and wirelessly printed pictures of their kids. Me – I would have been printing pictures of my D300 (not from – OF).

Note to self: find a $100,000/yr. underwriter for the CI Photoblog.

Well since it’s this late, I better play it safe. I haven’t posted a link to anything to inspiring lately. I did come across this four-minute video about Philadelphia-based photographer Zoe Strauss the other day. I really like the way she did her thing (subtle – you have to watch the video). I can envision pulling this off under the Bob Michel Bridge here in Peoria someday. Just remember – you saw it here first.

And to mix my message a little today – I found a slick link on the website yesterday. It’s a very good summary of night portraiture. Photojojo always manages to come up with interesting one-off topics. Click the link and enjoy – I have to get back to work!

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