Posted by: David Vernon | October 29, 2008

Pogo Printer

No Trespassing 1I had a conversation with Peoria photog Doug Leunig awhile back (at least I think I did) about his new Polaroid Pogo Printer. He’s been taking it places and using it and loving it. And I’ve heard from one or two other quarters that this is a good thing and so I’ve been tempted. Have any of you?

The Pogo is a completely inkless printer and very, very portable (8 ounces and just under 5″ x 3″ x 1″). It only prints one thing: 2×3 inch borderless images (with peelable sticky backs). And yet I am intrigued. The system uses a special paper (not unreasonably priced) that has cyan, yellow, and magenta layers that are essentially melted to make the print. Melt the yellow and cyan layers and you have magenta.

You hook the printer right up to your camera and print. Die-hard Photoshoppers like me will just have to suck it up and do whatever it is we’re gonna do in camera. But frankly it just looks like fun. At $99 it’s either really overpriced or really affordable – I haven’t decided which yet. But frankly I may just suck it up and do it.

Doug – come leave a comment and talk me into it. Anyone else?



  1. You know I have totally been thinking about one of these. I keep reading David DdChemin over at pixelated image brag about how cool it was to give people their portraits while on location, it just sounds so tempting. What a fun way to get people excited about what you are working on right now. Its like a mini preview.
    I hear there may be a few battery problems (as in you need a lot of batteries) but mini prints with sticky backig? Um…what could be more fun than that?!

  2. David – Not that I want to spend your money, but here are a couple of good ways to generate interest better than putting it in the bank.

    The POGO printer is a “Techno-toy.” There is absolutely no reason to have one except that you like it and want to play with it. If you accept the idea that many things in life are empty calories that bring only brief moments of pleasure, then having something to experiment with is not going to be a waste. But I wouldn’t be much of a salesman (which you asked for) if I didn’t tell you what I plan to do with my POGO. Note, the word “plan” as in the future tense.

    I am soon embarking on a trip to Agentina. Like all my past vacations I will shoot thousands of images that will end up buried somewhere amongst my many hard drives except for the selected images that will be saved for viewing on my web site. Since I have always felt uncomfortable about sticking my camera in a strangers face and saying “Gotcha,” I have decided to use the POGO printer as a “thank you” card for those unfortunates subjected to my harassment. In addition, I plan on using the sticky back to slap on a business card with my URL and a short Spanish translation of “What has just happened here…” explanation.

    If they visit my site later, they will see the pictures I took of them (I will record pictures of them looking at their picture) as well as all the mind numbingly beautiful images that I am sure to capture. Will it drive any sales? Maybe, maybe not. But I do know that my comfort level of taking pictures of people will move from the “ugly tourist” feeling into the “sharing my joy” gift. And one more bottom line benefit for me is that I will have a tax write-off that is justified by my increased web traffic.

    Got more money burning a hole in your pocket? Ask me about my HyperDrive.

  3. No Doug – one of your jobs IS to help me spend my money. I love you early adopters.

    But you’ve done a better job selling this then I ever could. I’m clicking on the Amazon link tonight. I think I smell another present for my wife – that I can borrow.

  4. […] That didn’t take long… Okay – so I happened to be in Best Buy today looking for 5×7 Canon inkjet printer paper today. And what do I pass on my way to the paper rack? Um-hum – a Poloaroid Pogo Printer. […]

  5. […] is for sale to all of you) Doug Leunig left his comments about his Pogo too. You’ll have to click and scroll to comment #2 to read […]

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