Posted by: David Vernon | October 29, 2008

Game Changers

Unexpected DirectionTwo new camera bodies – Nikon’s D90 and Canon’s 5D Mk II – have just jumped into the market as the newest bodies from our two (mostly) favorite camera manufacturers. And they are truly game changers. You may not care about how they’ve changed the game yet but eventually, I suspect, you will.

So what’s the big freakn’ deal you ask? Well – both of these bodies can do one thing that no other DSLR on the planet can yet do. They can take absolutely extraordinary high-definition video.

Now, before you put your camcorder away – there are a few limitations. Okay – I’m just kidding – there really aren’t too many limitations. The D90 – which costs around $1,000 – shoots 720p HD video at 24 frames per second. The 5D Mk II – at around $2,700 – shoots 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second (and is a remarkable camera for the price – heck they both are).

One of my favorite shooters – Vincent LaForet – borrowed a pre-production 5D for a weekend and put together a short film. Now Vincent has access to just about every Canon lens on the planet – but what he did – on incredible short notice – will visually blow your socks off. The video – called Reverie – was viewed by a LOT of people in a short period of time – so much so that from a bandwidth constraint it disappeared off Canon’s site for a few weeks. If you didn’t see it – and you want to see what a “still” camera can do – take a look at the video.

And then come back and agree with me – it’s a game changer. I think Canon’s website got it right: it’s a “turning point in the history of SLR photography…”

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